Powerful & Flexible Settlement Platform


To compete in today’s digital ecosystem, participants contend with a variety of fragmented distribution models. Networks, content creators, and brands struggle to keep pace with changing preferences, emerging audience outreach technologies, and the constant need to engage. 

PluraVida provides a single platform that supports online and mobile content monetization and settlement.

  • Manage growth and profitability with smarter deal management

  • Network change management

  • Lower audit risk through clear and concise reporting

  • Track growth with insightful reporting

Scale and Transparency for Digital Content Settlement

  • Partner Management: Manage networks with customizable deal templates

  • Data Management: Real time monitoring and interactive network data ingestion. Use our automated and interactive revenue, partner, and content upload interfaces. Receive alerts that highlight where you should focus

  • Statements: Customizable statements with one-click generation and direct email sending to your partners

  • Payment: Pay partners with ease. Integration with standard accounting packages

  • Transparency: Insightful reporting across all outlets, channels, and assets

We used to do everything manually through Excel. PluraVida’s products really puts everything together to give us a neat picture of our accounting and what we have to pay. There’s a lot that goes into attracting and retaining content creators, and having reliable financial statements and payments is a huge part of that.
— Former CFO, Studio 71


Empowering the world's leading content companies

MCNs. Record Companies. Distributors.


Industry-Leading Technology

Built on a framework that has managed some of the world’s largest digital economies 

Our clients and their partners span content creators and talent, together on online video and music channels, publishers, distributed players and mobile apps - each generating billions of transactions.  

  • Millions of assets

  • Hundreds of thousands of channels

  • Tens of thousands of partners

  • $5BN in revenue and settlements confirmed

The reality is... most distributors are under pressure to grow a profitable business in highly competitive premium content verticals. Having access to PluraVida’s products and data allows them to better assess revenue and the costs of content monetization. Things like talent management, content policy management, and determining revenue from direct and syndicated content distribution. Working with us ultimately lets a company stress test and manage their business model and understand if it is actually going to work.
— Sam Gilchrist, CEO